Website Terms of Use UPDATED (2013)

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Website Terms of Use UPDATED (2013) Empty Website Terms of Use UPDATED (2013)

Post  Templar on Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:19 pm

If a user violates any of these Rules for the first time they will receive a Warning.
The rules are listed Below
1.Harassment 2 Warnings
2.Off topic Posts 3 warnings
3. Advertising 1 warning

We will now Go over rules that will have a User Suspended
1.Harassment (1 day or over)
2.advertising (3 days or over)
3. Going off topic (1 day)
4. Running a Contest without asking a Moderator OR administrator (2 days or over)

We will now go over Rules that will PERMANENTLY suspend a User
1.over 2 counts of Harassment
3. Mass advertising
5.Posting a Topic referring to anything sexual
6.ISO disc selling
7.Moderator Harassment
WILL be updated!!!


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