Cosmic Owl is A SPY from TTG!!!

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Cosmic Owl is A SPY from TTG!!! Empty Cosmic Owl is A SPY from TTG!!!

Post  Templar on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:59 am

You may now him as "Cosmic owl" from Se7ensins but who is he REALLY? sources say he is REALLY just a man from TTG who tricked the Se7ensins Staff into making him a writer so he could DDOS the website and not get caught! Odonnell was recently interviewed on this topic here is what he said:
Yea i know that guy me and him were tight back in the TTG days he was sent here to DDOS se7ensins and get updated to an admin to change the website and destroy it.

Well that is it for this post do you think he is a spy? comment below what you think!


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