Elaine Kropas Gets Aressted BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Elaine Kropas Gets Aressted BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty Elaine Kropas Gets Aressted BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  Templar on Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:22 pm


On October 24, 2013, Weymouth Police Detectives concluded an investigation into a recent breaking and entering and arrested three suspects. The suspects that were arrested are John Bu...rke, age 41, from 46 Alrick Road in Quincy, Jamie Burke (age 34) from 26 Bay Street in Hull and Elaine Kropas (age 48) from 63 Roosevelt Road, Weymouth.

On Tuesday (10/22/13) police received a call from a witness reporting seeing a male walking in the area of Cranch and Middle Street carrying a pillow case. The male, later identified as John Burke, entered a black Ford Mustang, occupied by Kropas and Jamie Burke, which then fled the area. The witness wrote down the license plate and contacted police. Police located a residence on Middle Street which had been broken into.

A description of the suspect’s getaway vehicle was given out by dispatch to surrounding towns. Today, Detectives observed Kropas, John and Jamie Burke and their son (7yrs old) in a different vehicle. Detectives followed the Dodge Caravan to several different business establishments, where Kropas took the child and approached numerous people asking for money to help with the child’s cancer treatment. A short time later, detectives observed the caravan meet with an unknown person on the side of the road and conduct what they believed to be a drug transaction.

The caravan was stopped near the intersection of Winter Street and Middle Street where the females admitted to just purchasing heroin. Detectives recovered additional stolen jewelry from Burke and inside of the motor vehicle. John Burke admitted to detectives his involvement with the B&E into the Middle Street address.

Detectives later learned the child did not have cancer and the story was “made up”. It is not uncommon for abuser of illicit narcotics to commit crimes or come up with a ruse in efforts to obtain their next bag of heroin. The Department of Child and Family Services (DCF) was notified on behalf of the child and informed of the situation.

John Burke was charged with B&E building daytime for a Felony, Larceny Over $250, Malicious Damage of Property, Possession of a Class A substance, Heroin, and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law.

Jamie Burke was charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $250, Possession of Class A Substance, Heroin, Possession of Class B Substance, Suboxone, and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law.
Both John and Jamie Burke had a warrant for their arrest for drug possession.

Elaine Kropas was charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $250, Possession of a Class A Substance, Heroin and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law.

Jamie Burke and John Burke are held without bail and Elaine Kropas is being held on $540 cash bail. All three suspects are due to be arraigned tomorrow (10/25/13) in Quincy District Court.

This is yet another example of three breaking and entering suspects being taken off the street thanks to a witness


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