Alien colonial Marines Review!

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Alien colonial Marines Review!

Post  Templar on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:22 pm

Well its that kind of year again S**T gaming has not only destroyed Console life but it seams now it is movies aswell.

Single player:Rating 3.2:presents a fairly convincing facade but its thrills are forced and entirely superficial. You don’t ever feel like you’re actually in danger. You don't ever feel overwhelmed. In fact, over the course of its six hour campaign the game never gets even remotely close to replicating the genuine.

Multiplayer Rating 2.1:Not only does the Multiplayer suck the poor graphic nature sucked so badly it was unplayable.combined with the general lack of multiplayer features, You might not be online for more than a few hours.

The Conclusion:Not only does The amount of "Glitches" and bugs ruin the game and make it unplayable. But however i hope the Developers of this game will improve IF they may make another which at this point i think they need to start Using more imagination when creating such a master piece Instead of fucking Up a once Fantastic Movie trilogy.



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