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Alien Vs Predator Review Empty Alien Vs Predator Review

Post  Templar on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:37 pm

Gameplay 6.2:The Gameplay was good in a certain way either you really liked it or it was possibly the worst Gaming experience you will ever see. As a marine you Have to fight off basically aliens and NO predators which does get boring. As a predator i find it possibly the most entertaining campaign out of all of them however as a predator i felt kind of under powered. Which is Rather fucked Up because you have the best technology out of all the species. Finally the Alien it offers a fairly alright campaign but their really weren't any surprises other than a few things the Combat kinda sucked and was under powered and the graphic design of the alien sucked so much it was laughable.

Combat 2.0:The combat was terrible you only got a few combat moves and the Light attacks are Pathetic and Boring and the Heavy attacks took WAY too long to do.

Multiplayer 6.7:The multiplayer is Alright and fairly New but get's boring after a few hours and the thing that bugged most...YOU GET NO NEW WEAPONS AFTER YOU LEVEL UP! so their pretty much is no point to the multiplayer other than to go around and kill things for no reason. But if you are a Hardcore Fan of the series or you are in a party of friends online this is your Kind of Game to kick back shoot a Poorly animated Alien and have a reefer in one Hand and a Controller in the Other.

The conclusion: 6.9

Next week's review will be:Grand theft auto IV the ballad of gay tony.


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