Top ten reasons why IGN is Bullshit.

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Top ten reasons why IGN is Bullshit. Empty Top ten reasons why IGN is Bullshit.

Post  Templar on Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:34 pm

Lots and lots of people like IGN. but a lot of people hate them as-well. here we will review what people think of them. 

1.Bad community 
IGN is known for its bad/rude community go into the site and you will see what we mean.

2.Judges slightest Problem's
IGN is fucking pumped with this problem, Look up the saints row 2 Review and look at the graphical rating,A 5 out of 10 (i mean come on at least give it a 7/10) somehow Saints row 1 got a better review than the second. which is complete Horse S**T.

3.HORRIBLE Website!
 For a large gaming website i have never seen a more Slow website in my life not to mention it's problem with crashes.

4.Compare's games
 Saints row 1 (as i mentioned in another comment) was given a Crap Review go ahead look it up on youtube as you see they are comparing it to GTA IV. 

this pissed a LOT of people off by doing this. how can you judge a game by its graphics? Like i said look at SR2, it had bad graphics and they lowered it by 2 points!!!


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