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Post  Templar on Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:55 pm

Single player 75/100: This game had a well based mission system the Missions however Lacked Creativity and where the normal "Go kill somebody for me" kind of missions. The missions where a little Pointless at some times and you felt yourself Rushing to beat it.

Multiplayer 95/100: The Freaking Multiplayer was AMAZING it was well made and is just pure fun. you get to pretty much do anything whether it is stealing a chopper and killing 9 year old Squeakers or just driving around with your friends. The only Complaint i have is that the Multiplayer has some Texture/Lag issues that can be a little bit aggravated but does not last long.

Activity's 0/100: The activity's where absolutely AWFUL in ways i can not explain. the activity's are just boring. the Strip club activity is just the same ugly women over and over again. The show's are just repetitive and unoriginal.

Creativity: 6.0
single player:7.9


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